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XL Giselle Lash


This lash the 25mm version of the Giselle Lash. Which means this lash is longer and more full than the original verison for a more dramatic look, YAY!



The cover art for this collection are original pieces. One of a kind, designed by a talented artist including myself, to show appreciation to us women. All women. Of different shades. Embracing Women Empowerment within.
Handmade 100% Mink Lash. Designed to simulate a more realistic texture and feel. Can be used over 20 times with proper care.

Due to our lashes being handcrafted, they may slightly differ from the picture. To further protect your lashes it is advised to only use mascara on your own natural lashes, not your falsies. All lashes in MinkedCollection are sterilized and include a cotton band which will ensure comfort throughout the day/night.



Directions: Step 1 -Place desired lash onto your eye lid. Make sure you have a comfortable fit. If not use MinkedCollection Lash Scissors for snip off outter corner piece from lash. Once you have customized a comfortable fit, you are ready for the next step. 

Step 2 - Apply a thin layer of MinkedCollection Lash Glue

 wait 20-30 second for glue to get tacky

Step 3 -Using MinkedCollection Lash Applicatior then apply as close to the natural lash line as you can.