Application & Lash Care



- Before applying your luxury mink lashes, place the lash band against your natural lid. Make sure the band fits comfortably, if not, trim the lash band accordingly. This step is important as it assures a comfortable lash through out the day, and also provides a more natural look.

- Lets Apply! Apply a thin layer of your choice lash adhesive to your lash band. Wait a few seconds until glue gets sticky, then apply your lash band as close to your natural lid as possible. 


Our lashes can be worn 20+ times! The longevity of your luxury mink lashes are dependent on the proper care. Her are a few personal tips to help with your care.

GENTLE! GENTLE! GENTLE! Do not pull your lashes off or use your fingers to remove from boxing to avoid damage. Gently remove your lashes using our lash applicator. Pull lightly from the corner of the lash band ends.

Be sure to cleanse and remove the lash glue after every use. Gently remove lash glue with tweezers, and softly wipe and residue or makeup. 

To protect your mink lashes place them back in your MINKED packaging box to ensure a safe protective place for your next SLAY day!

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